Did Kourtney Kardashian Trick Fans With Recycled Halloween Photos?

Recent Halloween shared by have sparked suspicion among her , leading to widespread .

Suspected Recycling of Photos

The suspicion arose when the reality star posted Halloween photos that seemed to be from previous years. Fans have theorized that the photos were recycled as a clever decoy, given Kardashian's anticipated delivery.

Costume Replays

The pictures depicted Kardashian dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein, an outfit that was noted to have been her costume choice the preceding year. Another photo captured her daughter Penelope, clad in a Cher from Clueless costume, which she had flaunted two years prior. These uncanny repetitions fueled the guesswork.

Pregnancy and Halloween

The conjectures grew stronger as Kardashian was supposed to be confined to bed rest and according to fans, her pregnancy seemed to be perfectly timed to align with Halloween. The theory was further strengthened when , Kardashian's husband, hinted at a Halloween due date during a podcast interview.

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Baby Name Reveal and Guessing Game

Barker didn't stop at dropping birth date hints. He also disclosed that they planned to name their expected child Rocky. This created a wave of excitement among fans leading to the establishment of an online guessing game. It invited fans to conjecture the baby's birth date and name.

Fans’ Predictions

The majority of fans were convinced that the baby would arrive on Halloween. Some even went so far as to suggest a planned C-section to confirm the date. Hence, the shared photos' intrigue created a flurry of anticipation and speculation around the expected baby.

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