Did Bosch Just Owe You Money in Product Settlement?

Bosch, the major home appliances manufacturer, is refunding its customers in a settlement valued at million over accusations of faulty appliances.

Not all Bosch customers are eligible for the cash refund, though. It's only those who've purchased certain products, which includes specific Bosch microwaves or ovens. It's also extended to those who acquired the product as part of a home purchase or remodel or those who received it as a gift. Eligible numbers are HBL5751UC, HBL8751UC, HBLP751UC, HMC80151UC, HMC80251UC, and HMC87151UC.

Class members can under three different benefit tiers as per the settlement terms. The Tier 1(a) benefits cover reimbursement of up to 00 for past display failure costs. The Tier 1(b) benefits offer an identical 00 reimbursement for future display failures. Lastly, the Tier 2 benefits provide a three-year extended service plan, with Bosch replacing failed VFD panels.

The deadline to make a claim has already passed; it was the previous month. The conclusive approval hearing is set for June 13. For Tier 1(a) benefits, claims can be submitted until September 3. On the other hand, the deadline for Tier 1(b) or Tier 2 benefits is not until February 12, 2025.

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Claimants need to provide proof of purchase which can take various forms, such as model and serial numbers, receipts, checks, credit card statements, warranty registrations, photographs, repair communications, or service invoices.

Interestingly, Bosch isn't the only company refunding money to customers recently. Another class action lawsuit resulted in many American consumers receiving money due to a significant data breach in January 2022. Those who were affected could claim as much as ,000 in settlement money, but the deadline to make a claim was May 8.

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