Warning: You Could Be Losing Out On ,000 Without Knowing!

Warning: You Could Be Losing Out On Dollar50000 Without Knowing!

Missouri is currently home to four unclaimed lottery prizes totalling ,000, and each of these prizes is worth a whopping ,000. This tidy sum was the result of matching four white balls and the coveted red Powerball in a lottery draw. Of these four unclaimed prizes, one is of particular concern as the deadline to … Read more

You Won’t Believe the Lottery Prizes Left Unclaimed in Illinois

You Won't Believe The Lottery Prizes Left Unclaimed In Illinois

If you are a regular Illinois Lottery player, take a moment to double-check your tickets as there are nine unclaimed lottery prizes totaling ,350,000. The single largest prize among these unclaimed winnings is a whopping ,200,000. This prize, like all others, is subject to the Illinois Lottery rules which state that all prizes not claimed … Read more