Warning: Why this New York Pharmacy Closure Could Be a Disaster for Locals

Warning: Why This New York Pharmacy Closure Could Be A Disaster For Locals

There is a struggle underway in New York to save a local Rite Aid pharmacy in Buffalo from imminent closure. According to information gleaned from bankruptcy documents, the Rite Aid pharmacy located at the intersection of Bailey and East Delavan Avenue is one of the 12 locations in the city scheduled to shut their doors … Read more

Are Your Medications at Risk? Rite Aid Shuts more Stores!

Are Your Medications At Risk Rite Aid Shuts More Stores!

In the wake of declaring bankruptcy, Rite Aid finds itself closing another outlet. This development comes in the immediate aftermath of the company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing on October 15. It’s worth mentioning that this store’s closure is not an isolated case. In fact, it’s just one among over a hundred such closures projected to … Read more