The Secret Behind Paris Jackson’s Tattoo-Free Look at Grammys

The Secret Behind Paris Jackson's Tattoo Free Look At Grammys

Paris Jackson turned heads at the Grammys not just for her stunning black Celine gown, but also for her noticeably tattoo-free skin. Known for her extensive body art collection, Jackson appeared without a single visible tattoo. The radical shift in her appearance raised many eyebrows, leading many to believe she had all her tattoos removed. … Read more

Kim Kardashian Embroiled in Controversy Over Daughter’s Makeup Saga

Kim Kardashian Embroiled In Controversy Over Daughter's Makeup Saga

High profile celebrity Kim Kardashian recently revealed a change of heart regarding her decision to allow her eldest daughter, North West, to start wearing makeup at a tender age. North was notably spotted at a public event, donned in a black ensemble and contrasting red lipstick. This event appears to have been an exception as … Read more