Can You Handle This? IHOP’s Limited Edition Maple Syrup Pepsi

Can You Handle This Ihop's Limited Edition Maple Syrup Pepsi

Get ready to taste a sweet twist on your regular soda! IHOP, the renowned restaurant chain, plans to serve a limited edition maple syrup-flavored Pepsi. The unique flavor isn’t entirely new. It was offered previously in a contest and managed to gather a significant fan base. Now, IHOP has decided to reintroduce this popular flavor, … Read more

“Valentine’s Day Craze: The Starbucks Cup You Must Own”

Starbucks, in a celebrated collaboration with Stanley, has launched a “Winter Pink” cup for Valentine’s Day. The cup, with its striking shiny pink appearance and its top-tier, non-breakable feature, has quickly gained a cult-like following. As soon as the cup hit the shelves, eager customers lined up outside Target stores. Some devoted fans even camped … Read more