Shocking Transformation: Century-Old Building Turned Trendy Café

Shocking Transformation: Century Old Building Turned Trendy Cafe

Mike Wolfe finds himself in the spotlight once more as his girlfriend, Leticia Cline, reveals a personal moment on her social media platforms. The common denominator, a century-old edifice transforming into a trendy café. Transformation of the century-old building Leticia Cline has been consumed with the renovation of a historic property, which she aims to … Read more

Former Playboy Model’s Daring New Venture: Ace Coffee Cafe!

Former Playboy Model's Daring New Venture: Ace Coffee Cafe!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of coffee, Kentucky-style. Enter Ace Coffee Cafe, a cozy, inviting enterprise run by former Playboy model, Leticia Cline, also known as Mike Wolfe’s girlfriend. Not just your average coffee shop, Ace Coffee Cafe is a quaint establishment nestled in a two-story building that dates back to 1947, … Read more