Bloodshed at Katt Williams’ Show: What Really Happened?

Bloodshed At Katt Williams' Show: What Really Happened

Katt Williams’ comedy gig at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum was abruptly put on pause due to an escalating fight among the crowd. A video circulating online shows a man, believed to be a security guard, running towards the brawl, which subsequently led to the show’s cessation. The shocking scuffle resulted in at least one man … Read more

Shocking Sight: Jessica Lange Now Wheelchair-Bound!

Shocking Sight: Jessica Lange Now Wheelchair Bound!

Noted actress, Jessica Lange, wheelchair-bound due to an incident at a dog park, is nursing her injuries. Spotted in New York City, the 74-year-old was accompanied by her son, Samuel Walker Shepard. Being the offspring of the late famed actor and director, Sam Shepard, both Samuel and his sister not only share their mother’s love … Read more