Are Your Groceries About to Get Cheaper? Kroger’s CEO Promises Big Price Cuts

Are Your Groceries About To Get Cheaper Kroger's Ceo Promises Big Price Cuts

Expect substantial price reductions in the coming months, as promised by Kroger’s CEO, Rodney McMullen. This initiative is designed to draw in more shoppers, while reinvesting in competitive pricing, superior shopping experience, and higher pay rates. Kroger’s Price-cutting Strategy Substantial price drops are not a new strategy for Kroger. The company has followed a policy … Read more

Woman Wins Half a Million with Ordinary Grocery Purchase

Woman Wins Half A Million With Ordinary Grocery Purchase

If you fancy a tale of good fortune and life-changing moments, read on. Here’s a heartwarming story about an ordinary woman with an extraordinary weekend. Meet Jacqueline A. from York County, a regular customer at GIANT Food Stores in Red Lion. On her usual Sunday grocery shopping trip, she bought a scratch-off lottery ticket. Little … Read more