Why Dollar General Might Ditch Self-Checkouts

Why Dollar General Might Ditch Self Checkouts

Discount retail chain Dollar General contemplates ditching self-checkout kiosks in their stores due to mounting customer dissatisfaction. Todd Vasos Advocates for Employee-Assisted Checkouts Dollar General’s CEO, Todd Vasos, underscored the value of employees assisting with the checkout procedure, as a response to customer’s objections to self-checkouts. At present, self-checkouts represent approximately 55% of all transactions … Read more

Could This Appointment Save Dollar General?

Could This Appointment Save Dollar General

Dollar General announces a new executive appointment, marking a significant transition in leadership. Steve Sunderland, the current executive vice president, takes a step back with Steve Deckard standing up for the task. Deckard Assumes a New Role Announced as Sunderland’s successor, Deckard is not only set to take over his position, but will also oversee … Read more