Did Emily Ratajkowski Dare to Go Under the Knife?

Did Emily Ratajkowski Dare To Go Under The Knife

Emily Ratajkowski, experienced model at the age of 32, received backlash from followers suspecting her to have undergone aesthetic treatments. A recent picture of the model caused this supposition, found circulating in a Reddit chat room. Photo Sparks Speculation The image that sparked the conjecture showed Ratajkowski en route to a party during New York … Read more

Kim Kardashian Embroiled in Controversy Over Daughter’s Makeup Saga

Kim Kardashian Embroiled In Controversy Over Daughter's Makeup Saga

High profile celebrity Kim Kardashian recently revealed a change of heart regarding her decision to allow her eldest daughter, North West, to start wearing makeup at a tender age. North was notably spotted at a public event, donned in a black ensemble and contrasting red lipstick. This event appears to have been an exception as … Read more

Shocking! Gwen Stefani’s Appearance Sparks Outrage On The Voice

Shocking! Gwen Stefani's Appearance Sparks Outrage On The Voice

Renowned singer and television personality Gwen Stefani has been subjected to criticism by viewers regarding her recent appearance on ‘The Voice’. Stefani, a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, faced a wave of complaints after a video of her surfaced online. In this video, she is seen applying makeup that featured an intense combination of … Read more