Sheriff’s report Monday, June 2, 2003

The following individuals have been booked into the Sherburne County jail for the alleged offense(s): Alan Byron Bradley, 54 of Big Lake for DWI. Aaron Nephi Palmer, 22 of Foley for Sherburne County warrants. Jamie Dean Flaten, 23 of Princeton for a Sherburne County warrant. Daniel Omar Green, 27 of Little Falls for a Sherburne County warrant. Darryl Kent Anton, 41 of Zimmerman for a Sherburne County warrant. Lauricea Marie Hovde, 36 of Big Lake for a Sherburne County warrant. Tyronh Nelson Anderton, 37 of Zimmerman for allowing open bottle and allowing illegal operations. Mitchell Edward Merchant, 38 of Zimmerman for DWI, driving after cancellation and a B-card driver’s license violation. Todd Richard Scofield, 41 of Princeton for violation of an order for protection. Dennis Edwin Figg, 50 of St. Paul for DWI. Shawn Michael Dobey, 25 of Zimmerman for a Sherburne County warrant. Brett Joseph Olivo, 19 of Zimmerman for a Sherburne County warrant. Michael Donald Hinson, 23 of Clearwater for a Sherburne County warrant. Evan Michael Neumann, 20 of Princeton for Sherburne County warrants. Antonio Francisco Vitela, 30 of St. Paul for Sherburne and Chisago county warrants. Shane Alan Gould, 26 of Cambridge for a Sherburne County warrant. Gary Lee Beaupre, 30, no permanent address, for check forgery and theft of services. Colleen Ann Heidelberger, 34 of Coon Rapids for a Sherburne County warrant. Loren Mark Demar, 34 of Clear Lake for DWI, violation of a restricted driver’s license, fail to yield and no proof of insurance. Jennifer Ardelle Sarico, 19 of Zimmerman for 5th degree assault. Raul Balmore Inocent Sermon, 29 of Inver Grove for no proof of insurance. Ashlea Coze Castleman-Esping, 18 of Zimmerman for 5th degree assault. Marc John Ryhn, 20 of Anoka for no proof of insurance and an Anoka County warrant. Jeffrey David Kaiser-Plante, 20 of Zimmerman for a Wright County warrant. John Arthur Myles, 18 of St. Cloud for Sherburne and Benton county warrants. Antonio Markese Griffin, 20 of Minneapolis for hit and run property damage MV accident and Hennepin County warrants. Corey P. Tillman, 27 of Zimmerman for a Sherburne County warrant. Troy Robert Aurentz, 41 of Becker for violation of an order for protection. Timothy Todd Roach, 34 of Roseville for Sherburne and Dakota county warrants. Ryan Timothy Viney, 20 of Elk River for criminal sexual conduct and a Sherburne County warrant. Thomas Fredrick Brenteson, 33 of Elk River for Sherburne County warrants. Michael Edward Flipp, 46 of St. Paul for a Sherburne County warrant. Sandra Jean Williams, 49 of Mankato for a Sherburne County warrant. Mark Allen St. Cyr, 19 of Becker for a Sherburne County warrant. Ali Abe Hassan, 37 of Minneapolis for no MN driver’s license and careless driving. Mary Therese Schlosser, 51 of Rogers for probation violation. Scott Kenneth Buckhouse, 34 of Big Lake for intent to escape MV tax and expired license plates. Jon Douglas Muir, 37 of Big Lake for domestic assault. Jeremiah Teal Kahlert, 23 of Elk River for financial transaction card fraud. Daniel Lawrence Pewaush, 21 of Onamia for a Sherburne County warrant. Curtis Adam Adams, 22 of Becker for a Sherburne County warrant. Steven Joseph Romero, 30 of Onamia for a Sherburne County warrant. Carol Ruth Ireland, 47 of Rothsay for 5th degree controlled substance and a Sherburne County warrant. Jeremy John Kurth, 19 of Elk River for no proof of insurance, possess a small amount of marijuana, possess drug paraphernalia and a Sherburne County warrant. Christopher Tim Gendreau, 19 of Ramsey for a Sherburne County warrant. Kathleen Ann Fountain, 53 of Zimmerman for a Sherburne County warrant. Ronald Dean Jones, 36 of Brooklyn Center for a Hennepin County warrant. Crystal Dee Murillo, 24 of Fridley for an Anoka County warrant.

Citations Issued: 1 other moving violations, 1 thru stop sign/signal, 1 stop arm violation, 1 open bottle, 8 speeding, 3 fail to wear seatbelt, 7 tabs charge (non traffic offense), 1 no insurance, 5 no proof of insurance, 1 expired tab/registration, 1 illegal use of plates, 1 other non moving violation, 4 driving after revocation/suspension, 4 other DL violation.

Calls for Service: 1 lost person, 3 lost animal, 1 found person, 3 found animal, 2 found property, 1 abandoned MV, 5 property damage MV accident, 4 animal/MV accident, 1 animal complaint, 2 animal conservation, 10 dog complaint, 1 dog bite, 1 potentially dangerous dog notification, 1 fire/other, 1 dwelling fire, 2 grass fire, 1 gas leak/smell, 4 medical, 1 misc public, 1 mental case, 1 misc. public, 13 domestic, 2 public assist, 5 agency assist, 25 alarm, 10 civil complaint, 25 traffic complaint, 3 garbage/littering, 4 suspicious person, 8 suspicious vehicle, 5 juvenile complaint, 2 attempt to locate, 1 security check, 1 extra patrol, 1 public peace, 1 burning complaint, 7 loud party/music, 1 deliver message, 4 check welfare, 4 ATV complaint, 2 shooting complaint, 4 repossessions, 7 jail medical, 6 suspicious activity, 2 hazardous road conditions, 1 hazardous material, 5 misc officer, 43 background check, 13 warrant arrest, 35 transports, 4 jail incident, 1 weather property damage, 3 assault, 6 burglary, 7 theft, 1 MV theft, 2 drugs, 2 disturb peace, 6 harassing communications, 21 property damage/trespassing, 4 crimes against administration of justice, 3 liquor violation, 1 theft related, 1 NSF check, 2 juvenile runaway. Total calls for service/citation: 391.

05/16/03 Victor Hellman of Monticello reported damage to a house under construction located on 165th Ave. in Santiago Township. $360 worth of lumber and a ladder were taken also.

05/17/03 Martha Davidson of Elk Lake Road E in Baldwin Township reported the theft of $300 worth of change from her residence.

05/17/03 Clifford Vosburg of Spring Lake Park reported the theft of items from his camper trailer located at Jims Auto and Repair located on 125th St. NW in Baldwin Township. Taken were cigarettes, a Game Boy II, DVD movies and games and a jar of change. Value of items taken in not known.

05/18/03 The Brigg’s Lake Nursery located on 105th Ave. SE in Palmer Township reported a pop machine had been broken into but nothing was taken.

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